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The Solution for Thriving in Placesm

CommunO2 – Community Oxygen makes the benefits of modern information and communications technologies available to all, regardless of age, health, technical ability, physical ability, socio-economic position, education, location, language, or ethnicity.  The unique CommunO2SuperApp” provides consumer engagement, empowerment, and independence for everyone.  It is a community-wide “utility” that is freely available to all consumers.  CommunO2 is safe, secure, free or affordable, engaging, ad-free, and extremely easy to use.  Every consumer-facing organization in the community can connect to the CommunO2 network for the cost-effective delivery of appropriate and safe, secure, face-to-face customer engagement and support services.   Examples include: healthcare, social services, faith, arts, education, retail, municipal, professional services, and senior housing.

As illustrated in this diagram, CommunO2takes a whole-life approach to people’s needs, providing tools and connectivity in all of life’s areas:

Without CommunO2, every app a user tries to use has its own user interface, login, nuances, learning curve, and support (or lack thereof).  The CommunO2 SuperApp provides an easy, single sign on, integrated and consistent user interface for a wide range of capabilities which would normally require a user to load and use many individual apps.  With a focus on “safe computing” for all, CommunO2‘s capabilities include high quality video calls, email/messaging, virtual travel, remote attendance at faith services, funerals, and community events, caregiver supports, telemedicine, education, shopping, and much more.  Additionally, CommunO2’s unique Video Support Center ensures that users will have face-to-face support and assistance when needed.

A new model for Solving Community Needs:

CommunO2 is being deployed in selected cities and counties, community-wide to all residents.  For healthcare in particular, the implications and opportunities are phenomenal and game-changing.  In participating CommunO2 communities, every patient/consumer in the community can, at little or no cost to them, be fully equipped for telemedicine and telehealth visits with any interested doctor, nurse, mental health provider, home health agency, pharmacy, hospital, or other care provider.  Remote patient monitoring can also be implemented when needed.  As a standardized, “utility” service for the community, the key technical barriers holding back the growth of telemedicine are eliminated.  Combined with the rapidly accelerating payer practices of reimbursement for telecare services – when the provider can see the patient via video – convenient and cost-effective remote patient care is now able to flourish.  Without CommunO2 telemedicine will remain, as it has been for decades, “the coming thing”.

If you are interested in CommunO2, either as an individual user (consumer) or as a commercial business, service organization or professional or health/medical services organization, please Contact Us.

To learn about our partnership with OCCOA in Otsego County, MI, follow the link below:

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